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Sanatan Shastarvidiya

Footwork in Gatka

“07:00 a very philipino looking foot trap, around 8 mins he goes to attack with his kara as a knuckleduster, but catches it around his thumb so he can hit eny with an empty fist instead”


Shaster Vidiya means “knowledge of the sword”, a term used in Northern India for that regions martial arts.  In this clip, Nidar Singh gives an introduction to some concepts from his Gatka. The clip is about 17 minutes, but it gives a pretty idea of Shaster Vidiya concepts. What occurs to me is how pragmatic and aggressive this ancient art seems to be.

panantukan drill

Panantukan Drill

Pretty awesome drill for a panantukan combination. Clip is from a promotional channel for a gym in Nottingham that includes Phillipino martial arts. This combo really will require a partner drill.

remove opponents cover

Simply Dirty Boxing Technique

Very simple technique. The guy plugs his gym pretty hard, but it’s worth it to check out the two techniques.

The strategy is really simple: if you are in the initiative and striking to the head, a common response from the opponent is to cover up. Keeping your rhythm, you either pull away or push away half of the cover. Pulling away is attractive to me, because it merges will with southern mantis boxing: you get contact and you get the lateral angle. And you get to continue to aggressively strike.

I wish the video quality was higher though.

irish bareknuckle boxing

Irish Fighting Techniques

Saving this one for later!

40+ minute instructional on dirty boxing. As far as I can figure out, the Irish have a traditional bare-knuckle style. There is some information about it here. The video goes straight into technique, and gives no information on the background or culture of the style. The style looks sporty, sophisticated and kinda brutal.

Irish Boxing is part of the martial tradition of Irish Travellers, groups of ethnic Irish “gypsies”, whose culture includes a love of bare-knuckle boxing matches. There have been documentaries on this topic. John L Sullivan, one of the greatest historical bare-knuckle fighters came from this tradition.

clinch fighting

Hurting your opponent from the Pummel Clinch

Starts off just describing the basics of what the clinch is, but goes into a simple and powerful combination. There is a drill for the combo, and it looks like you can riff off it.

I have no idea who this guy is. But the basics seem pretty sound. Also the video is pretty high quality.

Tiger Face

Harimau Kudas Applications

I think the techniques can be criticised for being “flowery” and ornamental, and impractical. But that critique missed the point of these patterns. Sure, the movements can be beautiful. However, there is a vocabulary of movement being passed on that gives a fighter options in combat.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

MMASCA Audio Lesson with Guru Crafty

Mixed Martial Arts Striking Coach Association Audio Lesson with Guru Crafty-Dog of the Dog Brothers.

I haven’t gone over Kali Tudo 3 yet. But I’ve watched the other parts of this serious and learnt valuable lessons that I’ve been able to use in light sparring.

silat in the octagon

Silat Fighter in the Octagon

A demonstration of Silat in MMA.

My reservation is that there might have been a mixmatch between the fighters. And this often happens in low-level competitive events. But beyond the dancing around, we do see a silat-trained fighter bringing silat into the octagon.