I think the techniques can be criticised for being “flowery” and ornamental, and impractical. But that critique missed the point of these patterns. Sure, the movements can be beautiful. However, there is a vocabulary of movement being passed on that gives a fighter options in combat.

Posted by mantis


  1. Bob 02 at Jan

    Some interesting stuff there but some cringy stuff too.

    Looks like the teacher has got good grasp on his style, but I don’t think that he’s got a good understanding of how the traditional style that he is steeped in can be made practical.

    The “defense from tying shoelaces” just seems kinda kitsch.

    But on the other hand I can see content in the stuff that he’s demonstrating that could be really useful in complimenting reality based self defense.

  2. TimG 03 at Jan

    There’s better and simpler techniques for ground control. You won’t be seeing movement like this in the cage.

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