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Dumog Techniques And Flow

I don’t really know anything much about this video. I was looking for to see if anyone was applying dumog techniques for MMA fighting. I still haven’t really found anything yet. I did find one particularly crappy series of videos: they looked like the presenter had very little idea about MMA or real fighting.

But this one was interesting. It looks like the teachers has a clue. The movement into control positions looks pretty simple and don’t really have any wasted movement.

There’s a lot of content in this clip: moving into control positions on the ground, twisting and breaking limbs, a throw into a neck-crank, and a silat-style neck throw.

panantukan drill

Panantukan Drill

Pretty awesome drill for a panantukan combination. Clip is from a promotional channel for a gym in Nottingham that includes Phillipino martial arts. This combo really will require a partner drill.