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choke escape

Silat Choke Escape Technique

Luke Holloway of Raw Silat demonstrates an escape from the rear naked choke on the ground.There’s other stuff in here, but it isn’t so clear. The other stuff does give an idea of silat ground work.

I like a lot of what I’ve seen of silat ground work, but there is some technique in this video that I don’t think is terribly realistic. But hey, I like the escape. Looking forward to trying it in sparring.


Dumog Techniques And Flow

I don’t really know anything much about this video. I was looking for to see if anyone was applying dumog techniques for MMA fighting. I still haven’t really found anything yet. I did find one particularly crappy series of videos: they looked like the presenter had very little idea about MMA or real fighting.

But this one was interesting. It looks like the teachers has a clue. The movement into control positions looks pretty simple and don’t really have any wasted movement.

There’s a lot of content in this clip: moving into control positions on the ground, twisting and breaking limbs, a throw into a neck-crank, and a silat-style neck throw.