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Dumog Techniques And Flow

I don’t really know anything much about this video. I was looking for to see if anyone was applying dumog techniques for MMA fighting. I still haven’t really found anything yet. I did find one particularly crappy series of videos: they looked like the presenter had very little idea about MMA or real fighting.

But this one was interesting. It looks like the teachers has a clue. The movement into control positions looks pretty simple and don’t really have any wasted movement.

There’s a lot of content in this clip: moving into control positions on the ground, twisting and breaking limbs, a throw into a neck-crank, and a silat-style neck throw.

Dominating from The Mount

Dominating from the mount

Daniel Sullivan gives some advice for what to do when you are on top.

It starts off without much technical stuff… how to position and then your position to make life difficult for the poor guy downstairs.

Daniel gets a more technical as the video goes on: from raining blows down to smoothly getting into an armbar.

I love this guy. You don’t see it so much in this video, but he is one of the few guys who brings the Phillipino Martial Arts into MMA training.

panantukan drill

Panantukan Drill

Pretty awesome drill for a panantukan combination. Clip is from a promotional channel for a gym in Nottingham that includes Phillipino martial arts. This combo really will require a partner drill.

remove opponents cover

Simply Dirty Boxing Technique

Very simple technique. The guy plugs his gym pretty hard, but it’s worth it to check out the two techniques.

The strategy is really simple: if you are in the initiative and striking to the head, a common response from the opponent is to cover up. Keeping your rhythm, you either pull away or push away half of the cover. Pulling away is attractive to me, because it merges will with southern mantis boxing: you get contact and you get the lateral angle. And you get to continue to aggressively strike.

I wish the video quality was higher though.